9 June 2020

Mass Sadaqah 2020

This is Mass Sadaqah Indonesia & India 2020 performed by Al Falah Academy Singapore. It was supported and contributed by good-hearted Singaporeans where we managed to […]
31 March 2020

People to People 2019

Above is the From People To People 2019 Main Event and Distribution Video. Kindly do take a look and this wouldn’t have taken place without your […]
4 November 2019

Distributing the meat of the sacrificial animals.

1. To whom should the meat of the Qurban animal be distributed to?  The Sunnah is a third of the meat is for household, a third for neighbour and friends […]
4 November 2019

Eating the meat of the sacrificial animal

1. Can a person eat the meat of his own sacrificial animal for Qurban Nazar?  If the Qurban performed is a consequence of a nazar ( i.e a promise made to God ) then […]
4 November 2019

Appointing someone else to perform one’s urban

1. Should a person personally slaughter his own sacrificial animal for Qurban?  It is virtuous (Sunnah) if one can slaughter his own sacrificial animal for Qurban but it is […]
4 November 2019

Performing Qurban for family members

1. Can I perform Qurban for my child while his Aqiqah has not been performed yet?  The child is the responsibility of the parents which include the responsibility of performing […]
4 November 2019

When should the Qurban be performed and the kinds of sacrificial animals

1. What are the times allowed to slaughter an animal for Qurban?  The allowable period for the performance of Qurban begins when the Khatib (Iman) leaves the pulpit after the […]
4 November 2019

The different types of Qurban

1. What are the different types of Qurban?  There are two types: 1)SUNNAHMUAKKADAH 2)WAJIB(OBLIGATORY)The first is the prescribed Qurban that is to be performed on the Eidul Adha or the three days of Tasriq – […]
4 November 2019

Ibadah Qurban in Islam

1. What is the Hukum of the Ibadah Qurban?  Qurban, Korban or Udhiyah is a religious act that entails the sacrifice of approved animals on the 10, 11, 12 and 13 Zulhijjah of the […]


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