The different types of Qurban

1. What are the different types of Qurban? 

There are two types: 1)SUNNAHMUAKKADAH 2)WAJIB(OBLIGATORY)The first is the prescribed Qurban that is to be performed on the Eidul Adha or the three days of Tasriq – altogether on four particular days i.e. on the 10, 11, 12 and 14th of Zulhijjah of the Hijri calendar. The second is QurbanNazar which is obligatory as it is a promise to God normally as a consequence of a desirable outcome in one’s life.

2. What is meant by Qurban Nazar? 

Qurban Nazar is an obligatory act of sacrificing an animal. It is a consequence of a promise made to God to perform such a Qurban if a particular desirable outcome occurs in one’s life. Imam Nawawi even discusses the case of a person specifying the time of the sacrifice but misses it due to a memory lapse – he is still obligated to fulfill such a sacrifice even though the time has lapsed. (Mugniyul muhtaj 4:283)

3. What is meant by Qurban Wajib? 

According to the Shafie’ jurisprudence the prescribed Qurban is Sunnah Muakkadah. However it becomes wajib(obligatory) when one’s specifically say that “this animal is for the Qurban” or “I bought this animal for the Qurban.” During the prescribed four days it is obligatory for him to sacrifice the animal. (Mugniyul muhtaj 4:326)

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