2.2 Aqiqah Lamb (Australia)


Qurban Al Mubarak 2024 (NOW OPEN!)

1) The process will be inspected by our representative in Australia.
2) Slaughtering, skinning, and butchering of the livestock in a Halal approved abattoir.
3) Cut meat will be flown to Singapore and we will further process the meat into Ready To Cook Briyani Size Cut (6-10 pieces/per kg).
4) Free Home Delivery and AFASG Mug as a gift
5) Meat will be vacuum-packed into approximately 1kg per packet.
6) You may choose to take 1/3, 2/3, or full and the infaq meat will be given to the deserving families in Singapore.

Please click here to read our Qurban FAQs.

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Weight 15-17 kg
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