Qurbaan Al Mubarak 2017 Indonesia, Bangladesh & Australia

This is Qurbaan Mubarak 2017 performed by Al Falah Academy Singapore. It took place in Magelang, Indonesia on 1st of September 2017 at the Madrasah. It was supported and contributed by good-hearted Singaporeans where we managed to feed around  poor and needy in that village who only eat rice with vegetables on a daily basis.

To gain the pleasure of Almighty Allaah, all the aspects of Sunnah and Mustahab etiquettes were carried out during slaughtering. This is performed considerably with the best humane method to minimise the pain for the animal. Namely, sharpening and washing knife after each slaughter, slaughtering swiftly, reciting prayers to calm the animal down, segregation between slaughtering animal and the alive and many others.

Please do support us in this good effort to feed many and to reach out to the needy. Our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported and helped out for this great cause, May Almighty Allah reward them all. Ameen

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